Castle Bath

History of the Castle Bath:

The brick castle which was built between 1405 and 1445, and can still be seen today, made it the center of the neighborhood and is the only intact brick castle in Central Europe. The Castle Bath – perhaps the most beautiful spa in Hungary – was built in the 8.5-hectare castle park of the former Almásy Castle, and is now a nature conservation area. When placing the buildings and the pools, the primary consideration was that the trees of the castle garden should be affected as little as possible by the construction, and that spa guests would be treated to a spacious green area. With the favorable distribution of the pools, it was possible to find a quiet place to rest in the spa area even with ten thousand guests a day.

The water:

The water of the Castle Bath is alkaline-hydrocarbonate-chloride medicinal water. Due to the high mineral content, it has a brownish tone. Its waters are obtained from six deep wells, the deepest well is 2.500 meters. In 1969, the Minister of Health declared the spa’s 72-degree water as medicinal water, in 1971, the spa as a thermal bath, and in 1985, the area around the spa was declared a health resort. The water can be used with excellent effect for motion sicknesses, local nerve disorders, rehabilitation treatments after accidents and inflammatory gynecological diseases.


Guests looking for healing, relaxation and sports can choose from several kind of pools as well as medicinal waters. Mud-pack, magnetotherapy treatment, electroplating bath, effervescent bath, tangentor treatment, physical therapy and therapeutic swimming are available for the guests. In the Castle Bath, all ages can find the most pleasant pastime opportunities for them. There are countless entertainment options for young people and families: children’s water paradise, sparkling and wave pools, beach volleyball court, giant and kamikaze slides, mini golf course, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, as well as diverse cultural, entertainment and sports programs. The programs include: beach volleyball and beach soccer championships, water soccer, international swimming competitions, water polo championships, light music and nostalgia evenings, product presentations, water competitions, family weekends. The older age group can relax in a pleasant, quiet environment, take a sauna, take a walk, sunbathe, bathe, and, of course, quickly recover in the Castle Bath. For those who love trees and flowers, the beautiful park offers plenty of attractions, the trees of which have been identified by experts and the individual tree species have been marked with a sign, several of which are botanical rarities. Here is the so-called Erkel tree, in the shade of which, according to legend, Ferenc Erkel composed his opera Bánk bán.

Castello Sauna Park:

Indoor services:

  • relaxation room with fireplace, heated benches, sound and lighting effects that guarantee guests relaxation (sound effects of a crackling fire or the roar of the sea are accompanied by visual elements on the projector)
  • 2 infrared cabins for 10-12 people, ice well, Kneipp-tramp Scottish shower, steam cabin with mood lighting for 16 people, spacious plunge pool, foot bath and a spacious Finnish sauna, where guests can continue to enjoy the visual and sound effects experienced during the rest

Outdoor services:

(located between the servants’ wing of Almásy Castle and the domed building of the spa):

  • 2 jacuzzis for 6 people
  • a relaxation terrace warmed by infrared lamps, where guests can warm themselves with a soft blanket
  • Finnish sauna with 30 seats, named Bástya sauna
  • Casanova’s intimate sauna, which differs from the average in that it has been equipped with a dazzling light show and a design that exudes a tasteful erotic atmosphere
  • individually built sauna house with garden panorama, decorated with salt bricks
  • submersible wooden tubs and tub showers reminiscent of old times
  • a fireplace with an open fire with comfortable armchairs evoking a seaside atmosphere
  • a central catering unit that meets all needs with cocktails, mulled wine, vitamin-rich drinks and healthy food


The new facility of the Gyula Castle Bath, opened at the end of 2013, offers the richest water paradise in Southern Great Plain experiences. Due to its dazzling dimensions – 894m2 of water surface out of a total area of 6338m2 – it can rightly be said that the AquaPalace adventure spa is the most sparkling gem of the Castle Bath. During the design of the AquaPalota experience bath, special attention was paid to ensure that not only the loud laughter of groups of friends fills the space, but also the self-absorbed laughter of families. The giant wading pool is for splashing. Thanks to the built-in countless experience elements – a rolling corridor, various underwater massages, geysers and whirlpools in the bubbly sitting bath, hydromassage device systems – they provide a real wellness experience. 

The most important elements of the AquaPalota experience:


  • Baby and Children’s pool
  • 2 water cannons, pirate ship water slide, 2 gargoyle pets
  • Recreational swimming pool
  • Adventure pool
  • 12 reclining massage benches, Water curtain, Whirling corridor, 2 massage cabins, 6 neck showers, whirlpools, geysers
  • Plunge pool for sauna
  • Sparkling pool
  • 4 reclining massage benches, 8 massagers
  • Jumping pool


  • Falling donut slide
  • Light tunnel body slide
  • Family slide


  • 1 Finnish sauna
  • 1 steam cabin
  • 1 aroma cabin
  • 1 infrared sauna


  • 1 kindergarten playground
  • 1 youth playground

Water bar

Mother-baby rest room

For more information: 

H-5700 Gyula, Várkert street 2.

Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 8.00-19.00