Castle and castle viewpoint

How did people live in the castle in the 16th century, who were the castle defenders, how did the Sandzák bey organize itself? In contrast to the image of castles, the Gyula fortification stands on flat terrain, and according to the circumstances, it was built from the most easily accessible, locally available clay bricks. Despite the location and the building material, in the second half of the 16th century it was one of the three strongest border castles in the country, along with Eger and Szigetvár. In the only intact Gothic brick castle in the plains of the former Kingdom of Hungary, 24 exhibition rooms show what the castle prison, pantry, oven, blacksmith and potter’s workshop looked like. We can find out how the castle lord and castle mistress arranged themselves, how the office room of the Turkish Sandzák bey differed from that of the Hungarian castle lord, or what weapons they used to fight in past centuries.

H-5700 Gyula, Várkert street 1.

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