Saunas two or three times a week can preserve your health, beauty and vitality!

In the especially formed sauna world of Corso Boutique Hotel, you can cease to think your everyday worries.

Our wellness section of high-class design is an ideal place for your recreation in body and spirit, to get your thoughts together. In our sauna world five different sauna types stand at the guests’ service.


Using of infrared-heat cabin as a treatment or regularly – together with conscious intake of food – assures strengthening of our immune system, restoration and increase of the physical and mental condition. The infrared-heat cabin emits infrared rays in the invisible light spectrum. The skin gets warm gently and uniformly. The pores widen out. The rays penetrate uniformly the underlying tissues being rich in blood vessels up to approx 4 cm. There they are transformed into heat energy, and through the bloodstream they disperse quickly within the whole body raising a pleasant feeling of warmth. Owing to warming-up, the blood circulation accelerates, which has a salutary effect on the cardiovascular blood system. The metabolism intensifies, due to the acceleration of excreting processes, the expelling of excrements from the body quickens, and the excessive acidification decreases. The immune system gets active, and our self-healing and prophylactic forces increase. Its temperature: 50 °C


It has been known since centuries that the salty sea air has a curative effect on the human body, mainly on the respiratory organs. By means of the saturated salt solution placed in the room and the salt bricks placed along the walls, the air in the room brings about the salty sea air. The evaporation of the solution and the salt bricks saturated with it produces a relative humidity of 70-80 %, filters out the pollutions from the air, thus breathing in clean air containing salt and minerals means a real refreshment for persons suffering from allergic, asthmatic and other respiratory diseases. The climate of the salt room increases the activity of the respiratory organs and advances the self-purification, as well as, it also has a mucolytic effect, consequently the inflamed diseases (such as facial cavity and inflammation of the frontal sinus) and the catarrhal diseases relent or end. A relaxation of 30-40 minutes is recommended with daily frequency.


The Finnish sauna provides the classic experiences of taking a sauna. For the effect of the hot air warmed up by a stove, the human body starts to sweat. In Finland the sauna goes back to a past of more than 2000 years. Taking a sauna regularly serves to maintain our health firstly. It contributes to increasing the capability of our body’s resistance, as well as, it prevents the further impairment of the persons’ state of health being afflicted with rheumatic and articular diseases. Its temperature: 90-95 °C


The steam bath not only relaxes and brings up to full strength, but it has good influence also on health and beauty. The steam cabin is recommended in particular to ease numerous health problems and diseases owing to its high steam content and the general effects of moist heat. In the cabin, a temperature of 45 °C and a vapour content of 100 % produce the desired effect.


The air in the cabin is pervaded by the smell of various, natural essential oils. It exerts its salutary effect through the essential oils that provide relaxation for body and soul by evaporating, breathing in and getting in to the body through the pore of skin. By their origin, the essential oils may have refreshing or resting effect. The temperature of the cabin: 40 °C

Sauna Etiquette

It is a great pleasure to us that you visit the Sauna World of Corso Boutique Hotel. We would like to familiarize you with the sauna rules of the hotel to provide a resting as complete as possible. The saunas of our house are used fundamentally with unnaked body (in bathing suite or sauna towel). Before using the wellness, please be so kind as to use the shower bath because of hygienic reasons. Please do not sit or lie down on the wood with a naked body! It is unseemly and either not recommended from sanitary point of view. Please spread out the sauna towel in a way that it admits your entire body (also your feet)! Please leave your slippers outside near to the door! It is important to open and close the sauna door quickly before and after us. It is unseemly to disturb the rest of persons wishing to enjoy taking a sauna with loud talk and telephoning. This goes for staying in the sauna and also for the resting place. Before using an essential oil, it is the correct thing to ask the opinion of the other persons sitting in the sauna and also about the concrete oil since it may produc allergic symptoms at somebody. We shall avoid using to much from the oil, even if the others agree in its use. Persons with a fever or an infectious disease and persons in a drunken state or under the influence of drugs as well as persons suffering from skin diseases are not allowed to use the wellness section. Taking a sauna is not allowed for children fewer than 14.