Hydromassage bath

We stand at our guests’ service wishing to bathe with a Jacuzzi for 6

the water temperature of which is 35-36 °C

Tense rate of work, nervousness, stress, endless challenges and contests characterize the human beings of our times. The wellness / hydro massage serves for counterbalancing these negative effects, which involves also joy of bathing.
The essence of hydro massage bath is that the air or water-jet arriving through the jets or rather their combination makes a whirling of alternating intensity in the water mass surrounding the body. The whirling water jet and the bubbles have massaging, stimulating effect on the skin. 
In the massage cabin the water jets of alternating temperature and pressure spouting out from the jets of appropriate diameter touch the skin directly.
The hydro massage is effective on locomotor, rheumatic and cardiovascular disorders as well as on diseases of digestive system. It mitigates the blood circulation problems and prevents the formation of varicose veins.